Free Internet-based audio sharing, specifically Yackpack..

What is this?

**YackPack** is one of a growing group of companies that is allowing consumers to easily create a quick recording to share with friends.
It’s still in private beta, although you can get a good understanding of the service by watching the **how-to video** they’ve created.
You can’t edit a sound file before you send it, and you cannot access the actual sound files you record - they must be listened to at the site.

How can it be used in the classroom?

Interaction with classes elsewhere in the US and beyond.

Some examples of how it is used in the classroom.

Although there are some constraints, such as time zone differences, this utility enables students to communicate in real time with peers anywhere in the world.
It can also be used to leave messages for assignments as well as messages for subs.
Yackpack can be extended to communicate with parents concerning assignments in the classroom.

Click here to set up your Yack.