Guidelines for Online Student Art Galleries

Guidelines is not a word I like to use with art, but here is a go! One important thing to note about art is that it comes in many shapes, sizes and especially mediums! Just becuase a student may work in a three dimensional medium does not mean that the Internet must flatten the
piece and prevent it from being apprecieated to its fullest. For instance here is an excellent website featuring sculptures from students.
In addition to this same site, it has 360 degrees viewer availibility. 360 views.

In addition to sculpture, here is another website that features artwork from students. However, this website has individualized galleries and
within these galleries feature each individual students work each expressing themselves in their own way within
the same art assignment limits.

Not only can the finished piece of art be displayed online but the process can be recorded for everyone's enjoyment. Also, this tool
can serve as a learning medium as well as a source of exploration and expanding one's knowledge of art and self-expression!

Methods to Have Online Student Art Galleries


1. My first Proposal is to get ALL art students to set up an account at a FREE web-based Photo Gallery
that allows posting of comments. This should be used as a Portfolio.
-- FOTIX is my favorite (no storage limit), and of course FLICKR.
2. My student examples : Mr. K's Photo Gallery
3. use this in the same way you would hold critiques in the classroom, BUT, tap into the power of the global web
and try to get students to communicate with other art students outside their immediate network. Think GLOBAL.
4. This could also be used as a space to develop projects LIKE: depicting your culture or simply where you live
through photos, then making a connection with other students and having a dialogue about the meaning of the images.

Other thoughts
Online Student Art Galleries can not only be fun and exciting by displaying thier artwork which can be viewed around the world but it can
also be an exciting endeavor for the student. For instance Artsonia Kids Art Museum is the self proclaimed "Largest Student Art Gallery
on the Web!" not only features artwork from kids but also sells it! This would be a prime location for your classroom to start placing their
art on the web. Yes, the school is mentioned and yes the location of the school is listed, however, you should be aware that you
SHOULD NOT put your real name within the category but rather a pen-name. This important for identity purposes as well as safety

Finally, iArtsonia also offers lesson plans for teachers as well as ideas for your class to begin. For instance, one project is to take
recycled items, i.e. soda cans, paper, newspaper etc. as well as objects that are trash and create something out of them, whether
it be a recognizable animal or an abstract object. Next, take a picture of what the student has created and place them within the
online art gallery. Thirdly, post the comments of the artist underneath each piece as well as a story to go along with the art. Finally,
encourage visitors to not only view the students work, but to also comment on them and create their own stories. This will not only
expose the student to self-expression but how other people may view their work.

Experiencing, Learning and Teaching

Art is and should be treated as an exciting, ever-evolving subject. From a painters brush to a pen and tablet (on the computer) to using the
entire body to express one self, art is alive. While learning about art, it is important to keep an open mind an be aware of its subjective nature.
For this special "discussion" I have created my own version of "experisensing, learning and teaching". This piece is primarily the study of
color and how one can have fun with it, associate sound with it and learn about the categories of color.


While the Internet is a powerful tool for the student, this tool may be used against the student. It is important for the student to understand
not to put personal information up on their site or within their artwork. While this site does not specifically deal with Online Student Art Galleries,
it does have helpful hints on keeping a student safe. Important tips for students!