Technology Wiki Project A (Wiki #8)

Disruptive Technology in the Classroom
What is disruptive technology? Why is it called that? Create a list of disruptive technology, explain why it is considered disruptive and try to find one example of each technology being used to teach in an effective manner.


  • qdsouza - Toronto, Canada
  • CLykowski - Lambertville, Michigan
  • jgates513, Summerdale PA.
  • aquiram - Yuma, AZ
  • wrotny - Winnetka, IL

Moderated by: Jordan91190 and Katie15986, THIS PROJECT IS NOW FULL

Technology Wiki Project B (Wiki #9)

Tagging to help Teachers
A wealth of curricula are being uploaded to youTube, Google Video, blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc. Some of things are being “tagged” appropriately and some are not. (See also folksonomy.) What is tagging? How can teachers use “tagging” to catalog their work? What would be the benefits of tagging standards? Create a proposed standard procedure that can be given to teachers to help them determine how to “tag” their digital work that is uploaded to the Internet so that it can be found and used appropriately.


  • reuw - Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, Israel
  • rmom - Unionville, PA
  • jfriesen - Austin, TX
  • eweinb04 - Dallas, TX
  • jdornberg - Monroe, MI

Moderated by: Jordan91190 and Katie15986, THIS PROJECT IS NOW FULL

Technology Wiki Project C (Wiki #10)

Student Data Storage- Needs and Methods
Students are increasingly required to produce and accumulate digital work. It is often stored in computer labs and purged at the end of the year. What is student data storage? Is it needed? You are to create a proposed methodology for student data storage that would be accessible to students after high school and also protects student privacy, rights and is fair (length of time it is available.)
Note from Vicki: I almost took this one off, but when I showed my students the five questions I had drafted, they voted this one on. They said that this is their single biggest frustration and worry. Some students at other schools have created whole video productions that were "lost" over the summer. Students feel that they have a right to theri digital work and it often harms them when they cannot secure copies of their resume, etc. If our job as educators is to help students, this is an essential issue that should be discussed. I hope the participants will be excited about this assignment because my students said and I quote, "Teachers need to talk about protecting student digital work, it can be there to educate our grandchildren!"


  • bookbird, Aliquippa, PA
  • maloneGE - Puyallup, WA
  • susanvg Montreal, QC Canada
* cm_scholz - Cairo, Egypt
Moderated by: Jordan91190 and Katie15986

Guidelines to Get Started

Here are the recommended steps.
1- The hyperlink above is the page that has been created to wiki this topic. (Click on the page to go there and begin editing.)
2 - First you should divide up the question into major headings. Type them in the wiki. Leave space in between for the text.
3 - Start by defining the topic. You may want to search on wikipedia or Google. Read information, go back to your wiki page, click edit, and summarize the information. Include a hyperlink to the source of your information.
4 - Repeat #3 until you have a good definition.
5 - Read what you have on the wiki and ask yourself, "What do I still not understand?" Go to the Internet and answer that question. Come back and post.
6 - Remember to subscribe to your page on the Notify Me tab so you know when your partner(s) posts!

How long should I spend?

We are recommending 10 minutes on one day, then, walk away and let your partner post. Then, add 10 minutes the next day.

What if I don't know anything about the topic?

The topics were selected are emerging, new topics. The purpose of this project is to show you how wikis create experts on a topic within a very short period of time. You will find that your research on the Internet causes you to form an opinion and add it to your current knowledge base. Remember, Wikis are not word processors. Go out to the Internet, grab a "nugget" and come back and post and save.

How do I get help?


We have created a mini help on wikispaces section to help you.

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