What is tandem learning?

Three parts to tandem learning:
1. Reciprocity-each student contributes equally to the project as well as receives equally.
2.Bi-lingualism-this is where tandem learning originated
3.Autonomy-each learner is responsible for their own learning.

How can tandem learning be used with student writing?

Students can work as partners on a project to support each other's learning while being responsible for their own part in a project/assignment. Part of the difficulty with middle school students is how to evaluate (grade) fairly when both members do not contribute equally.This is where the reciprocity might be helpful to the students.

This could also be used as a classwide project. Classrooms could view and contribute to other classrooms' projects, ie. podcasts & asking questions.

Compare and Contrast Essay Project

  1. Students chose an author and their website to evaluate
  2. The class comes up with a list or rubric for a good website
  3. On the Wiki the students post their evaluation with the rubric
  4. Next students are paired up. Their job is to compare and contrast their two authors and their websites.
    1. They can use the author's works, website or biographical information to make the comparisons.
  5. This means that both students have to be familiar with both authors and can help each other with the information.
  6. The two students link their author's page to a single compare and contrast page.I can see who has contributed by the history page. For middle school students I usually give more weight to their individual work than the group work.
    1. At this point each student could write their own compare /contrast essay and publish it on their author's page on the wiki.Editing teams could then be assigned to take each other through a writing rubric.
  7. The last step is to have the students do a self-reflection on how they did and how they worked with their partner.I would do a final consult with each individual student.

Propose a tandem learning structure for the posting and evaluation of essays using Internet-enabled technology.

(Include the structure for the student posting the essay, the student evaluating the essay,and the teacher(s).)