What is Self Publishing?

Self-publishing is a convenient way for teachers (or others) to publish their work electronically. It will also print books without costing anything up front. Students can use this as a money-making project to fund the English Department.

According to an interview with Paul Chika Emekwulu, people self-publish for a variety of reasons.
  1. Faster turn-around time
  2. Personal goals
  3. Credibility
  4. Control over the book/product
  5. Sole-rights ownership
  6. Filling a niche
  7. Higher profits
  8. Big publishing companies won't work with you

I was honored to help my friends Darrin & Pearl Bible edit their self-published book about their stuggles with infertility and the death of a newborn. The book was written as a tool for encouragement and information for couples dealing with either of those tragic situations. (Nancy)

What are some self-publishing resources that are easy for teachers to use and instructions for their use? is a popular avenue for publishers.

Although many schools are blocking blogs and wikis, teachers can publish student work on regular Web pages. Publishing work on the Web provides students an immediate audience for their work and control over formatting.

  • Electronic Publishing Online published by Michigan University College of Education includes sections on Theoretical Rationale, Tips & Techniques, Sample Units, and Resources.
  • Check out the list of free Website building software (with links) at
  • PowerPoint 2003 will convert presentations into Webpages that can be uploaded to a school server or class Website.
  • Webpages can also be created in Publisher.

Can you find any examples of schools or teachers already doing this?

Texas Schoolmarm is a Website that I created for my classes several years ago. I have some samples of my students' work posted here. User name is students and the password is lions.

What ideas do you have for their use?

Collections of student poetry, short stories, song lyrics, etc.
Customized text books
Collections of myths, tall tales
A collection of notes, handouts, etc. from K12 Online Conference???
Online class newspapers
Online creative writing magazine
Student portfolios
Student research projects