Welcome to the Sandbox

This is Vicki Davis, the Cool Cat Teacher. I hope we will learn a lot from this project about the true potential of flat classrooms. It depends on you! For without you, there is NO Wiki! My new Internet friends say that "Wiki with Vicki" has a ring to it, so I guess I'll say it, "Come on and wiki with Vicki!"

What is a sandbox?

Every wiki (that I know of) has a sandbox. It is a place for beginners to look at and play with wikitext. Wikispaces has a graphical user interface with a visual editor so you don't have to learn wikitext. If you already know how to use wikitext, you can click the button at the bottom right (in edit mode) that says Use Text Editor.

Your Sandbox

Hello from Kansas, this is a cool concept, can't wait to show my students, I think this would be useful in my online class.

Hello from Connecticut. I am looking for a class studying To Kill a Mockingbird on late January. Myself and 2 other teachers are looking for one more class to join us on a pre-reading unit located here: http://ce-wiki.wikispaces.com/