When Making a Wiki...

Whenever you create a wiki, you need to be sure to be organized. There are several methods to achieve this. Two tools have been provided for you to use on your wiki. Use them. These are Headings and a Table of Contents.


Now for headings. To turn regular words into headings all you have to do is highlight the text and then go to the drop-down menu at the top. Click the down arrow and choose which heading you want. Heading 1 is for the most important topics. Heading 2 for the lesser important. And Heading 3 for the least important.

Table of Contents

As long as you used headings, then you can make a Table of Contents. For this all you have to do is type anywhere on the page. If you used the headings, then it will insert the table at the top, using your headings as topics on the table.toc.jpg

Making a new page

Any time you see that you want to make a new page, just enclose the name of the new page in double brackets. (Just make sure you spell it correctly because it is a pain to fix!)