These pages are for all viewers to add embedded videos or place links of videos that they use in their classrooms. Most of these videos were found by searching Google Video or Youtube. Please add the embedded video or link to the page under the category where you have used it. The more links the better. Please add a short review of the video or link as well. Thank you for your time and collaboration.

Elementary Videos

Ladybugs Picnic
A classic for anyone who is older than 2.
Reliving my youth. I still sing this song to my 8th graders. All I can say 1000 times a million is 1billion.

Middle School Videos

Ms. Rebecca Newburn: Prime Factorization Using the Prime Birthday Cake Method. Check out more math resources by Ms. Newburn on her home page.

Math Man: Three Exponent Mistakes How would you use this Video? More videos by this same guyNot all of them are math

John Cleese Taliking about Proportional Representation

Adding Fractions a Screencast
How students can use screencasts to demonstrate understanding.

Screencast showing proportional problem solving

A good crisp screencast explaining exponents.

High School Videos

Videos Organized by NCTM Strands

Number and Operation
Data and Probability

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