These pages are for all viewers to add embedded videos or place links of videos that they use in their classrooms. Most of these videos were found by searching Google Video or Youtube. Please add the embedded video or link to the page under the category where you have used it. The more links the better. Please add a short review of the video or link as well. Thank you for your time and collaboration.

Elementary School Videos
It's Hip to be a Square. Catchy, 80,s Sesame Street

Middle School Videos

A Screencast that shows how to use Pythagoras Theorem
Pi Radius and Diameter
A catchy tune that will hook any middle schooler!

High School Videos

The Veggie Tales video, The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's, has a song that is a great illustration of the difference between sufficient and necessary conditions, "If it doesn't have a tail, it's not a monkey. If it doesn't have tail, it's an ape." The song is currently free online.

Trampoline Math
This is where the use of Google and Youtube is going.

I could see older students doing this as alternate homework!!

Videos Organized by NCTM Strands

Number and Operation
Data and Probability

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