Safety Code for Students

  • This is a school site. [1]
  • Do not say/write/do anything within this areas that you would not say/write/do at school. [1]
  • Do not get a teacher fired or yourself thrown out of school. [1]
  • Treat this site as a place for learning, a place to learn from each other and a place to have conversations. [1]
  • Would you be happy to have your mother, grandmother or favorite teacher read this comment, (view this Internet page, listen to this podcast?) [2]

Internet safety code of conduct for elementary teachers

  • Teachers should use age appropriate activities.
  • Teachers should always monitor their students, even if a school division is using a web filter.
  • Teachers need to teach and remind their students of internet safety rules (for example: cyberbullying and sharing personal information). [3]
  • It is important to separate our students' digital selves from their physical ones.[4]

The Value of the Internet as a Classroom Tool

Never in history have we had a resource that provides accessible knowledge and content to the citizens of our world as does the internet. Because of its power and its growing uses, the internet is an important and essential tool that needs to be integrated into the elementary classroom.
  • The world is becoming a connected society. We have the means to be better connected to each other than ever before. This is very evident with our students and children who are connected with their peers through social networking sites such as Bebo, and online messenger systems such as MSN Messenger
  • The online world provides the resources for our students to gather and learn information that is accessible at their finger tips through the ease of search engines such as Google and Yahooligans and online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia

Because of the value that the internet can play in our classroom activities , it is important that students learn how to use the internet ethically and safely. But equally important is that teachers and parents have the understanding and knowledge to encourage their children and students to be responsible users of the internet at home and at school
The intention of this collaborative resource created by educators from around the world, is to provide educators, students and parents a better understanding of how to be safe on the internet and to use it with responsibility.

Resources to use with Elementary Students


Resources for Parents & Teachers


Resources for Division Technology Leaders


1.Thanks to Jeff Utecht at the Shangahi American School
2.Thanks to Lani Ritter Hall
4. David Warlick Connect Learning Podcast Episode 73: A Conference Converstion About Blogging