Editing your Wiki page

This page is all about how to use the editing tools on the formatting toolbar and the new floating toolbar.


Text Emphasis

Just like a Word document, you can use bold, italics, or underline to emphasize the text you enter into your Wiki. Type the word, highlight it, and click B for bold, I for Italics, and U for underline. Also, you can change your text to 3 different headings or normal text by typing and highlighting just as you do for bold, italics, and underline. The titles and subtitles of most pages are made by using the different headings.


Bullets and Numbering

Bullets and numbering are used to organize a list and put things in order.
  • When listing short, concise ideas, bullets make things clearer.
  • Listing additional hyperlinks can also be made simpler by using bullets.
  • To use bullets, press the button on the toolbar with the three dots and lines beside it.
  • Press enter each time you want to enter a new line.
  • Press enter twice to end the bullets.

When typing out instructions, a numbered list can make things easier to understand.
    1. Click on the button that says "1, 2, 3" with lines out beside it.
    2. Type your list beside the numbers.
    3. The numbers will continue as you continue typing.
    4. To end the numbering, simply press enter twice.


Horizontal Rule

Have you noticed the line breaks that separate the different topics? This is called horizontal rule; a line is inserted when you click the button to the right of the bullet button. Along with bullets and numbering, horizontal rule can help organize ideas put into the wiki and separate different topics.



When you want to hyperlink, it is quite simple to do. Go to the formatting bar, then click on the icon with the world and with the one link on it. On the page that pops up, there is a box with the words Link Text by it that is the box that you that would type the word or words that you want to be on the wiki page. Below that is the Wiki Link to link to other wiki pages. The last thing is External Links which lets you link to other websites and webpages about your topic on you wiki. Also, there is an icon right beside the hyperlink button that lets you take off any unwanted hyperlink on the page.



Insert Pictures

If you want to insert pictures from your computer or outside sources, click on the insert pictures button. Upload or load the file, then double click on the image when it appears.


Embed Media

This button is for embedding videos, files, and other media into your wiki. Most websites such as YouTube have a place that says "Embed Media" where you copy and paste the code into the box that says source. Media can enhance the ideas of a Wiki or demonstrate them firsthand.



Insert Table

Tables can also be a tool for organization. Pick the number of columns (vertical) and rows (horizontal) you want in your table. Then, enter in the information you want in your table.


Insert Special Character

This button can be used to insert a special character that is not found on the keyboard.


Floating Toolbar

The default toolbar for wikispaces is stationary and stays in the same place. The floating toolbar is much, much more convenient when working on a longer Wiki page. It follows as you scroll down at the top of the page. To return to the default toolbar, simply press the x at the top of the floating toolbar.


When you are ready to publish your Wiki, press Save on the toolbar. You can also Preview what your Wiki will look like before saving it. Try to save every few minutes in case something happens. Although it can recover your draft, it is a good idea to continue saving while working on your Wiki.