These pages are for all viewers to add embedded videos or place links of videos that they use in their classrooms. Most of these videos were found by searching Google Video or Youtube. Please add the embedded video or link to the page under the category where you have used it. The more links the better. Please add a short review of the video or link as well. Thank you for your time and collaboration.

Elementary Videos

Middle School Videos

Sometimes the explanations of data and probability can be confusing to students. The use of video is an excellent way to add meaning to these terms. When you add meaning, you gain understanding. When they understand they learn and remember. Such short clips can aid in retention of subject matter.
Understand and apply basic concepts of probability. The link will only work if you are a NCTM Member
Select and use appropriate statistical methods to analyze data The link will only work if you are a NCTM Member

Another commercial that makes you think about probability

Yet another Probability comercial
Teaching Idea
Some middle school students have a lot of drive and creativity. A great teaching idea would be for them to make thier own probability videos. Choose some likely events and some unlikely events and create videos that explain the fundementals of probability. If you are uneasy using video in your classroom try a screencast.


High School Videos

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Number and Operation
Data and Probability

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