How to add enhancements to your wiki:

graphic.JPGAdding images:

  • first, you find the image you would like to use
  • if you do not have an image on your hard drive and you are getting it from the internet you find the image, right click on the image, click save image as, and you save the image onto your hard drive
  • next, you click the button ,on the formatting toolbar, that has a tree on it
* next, you click browse and look for the desired picture
  • insert_image.JPG
* now click upload
  • or you can add url's from websites of pictures
* lastly, you can set the alignment of the picture to none, left, right, or center

video.JPGEmbedding videos :

  • if using a personal video from your own computer you need to first save it onto Youtube or google video (this might involve you to get accounts for these websites)
* if you are getting a video off of or google you need to get the embed sentence which will look like this: embed.JPG
  • next, you highlight the embed sentence, right click, and click copy and go back to wikispaces
* next, you click the button, on the formatting toolbar, that has a television on it
  • videopo.JPG
* you then right click and click paste
  • now you hit the enter key
  • your video should be uploaded on the wiki now
  • it should look like this:aded_video.JPG

chart.JPGAdding Charts:

  • first you click the chart button(looks like a chart)
  • you can set the number of rows and number of columns that are desired
* || || ||
  • || || ||
  • \
  • the x's in the circles can delete rows or columns
  • the arrow's can add more rows and columns
  • desired text can also be added

symbol.JPGAdding Symbols:

  • to add symbols you click on the symbols button(to the right of adding symbols<--)
* you then click on the symbol you would like to add
  • charac.JPG