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Skype and/or VOIP

What is this?

Skype is an software program that allows users to make telephone conversations from their computer to other Skype users for free!

Ideas are endless and help to get started using Skype is a click away.
This tutorial was made by Eric Curts from North Canton, Ohio:

Not always the best (Dummies), but could help

Classroom Uses

  • Skypecasts as “large, hosted calls on Skype.” Sound pretty simple. Basically you can create or join a large online conference call with UP TO 100 people. Skypecasts are scheduled to begin and end at a certain time and usually have a certain topic of discussion.
  • Use with a webcam for video conferencing
  • Skype can also be used to connect individual students with real people in the world so they can have conversations about school work being done and the work being done in the real world.
  • This is a video by Vicki Davis

Examples of Classroom Uses

Search the internet and list several examples you find of this being used in the classroom. Hyperlink.