Podcasting connects people all over the world!



What is this?

"The term 'podcast' is a combination of the words 'iPod' and 'broadcast' ".[1] Basically, it's a digital media file that can be broadcast (heard and/or seen aka video podcasts) either on personal computers or portable media players.


Classroom Uses

I can see Language Arts teachers and Library Media Specialists using this for BookTalks.

Examples of Classroom Uses

Search the internet and list several examples you find of this being used in the classroom. Hyperlink.
  • Listen to a podcast that is a sample of what a student would create as part of a World War II unit. In this podcast the student is being Churchhill reading a letter he would've written to FDR to try to convince him that the US should join the war.
  • This is another WWII sample. In this one, the student took on the role of being a radio broadcaster giving an opinion. The scenario is that it was a normal day on the radio (classical music playing in the background, though there's great irony in the music that was chosen) when they interrupted for a special news bulletin. You hear the announcer (the student who created the podcast), then you hear an audio clip that is an authentic radio broadcast from the era, then the announcer comes back and gives information (evidence of his learning about WWII).
  • Here are a variety of podcasts created by students. I like advertising, especially if it's a middle/high school class working on marketing a product.